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Bandora's son was killed by dinosaurs and she vowed revenge against the Earth. Five tribes from ancient human civilizations chose one of their best warriors to form the Dinosaur Battle Team Beast Rangers (Kyouruu Sentai Juurenjaa) and protect the planet. The complete form of their Guardian Beasts (Shojuus), Ultimate Great God of Creatures (Kyuukyoku Daijuujin) imprisoned Bandora and her gang on the planet Nemesis. In 1992, Barza, posing as an apartment manager, was forced to revive the Juurangers to protect Earth again when astronauts accidentally released Bandora.
After seeing this awful show, I want every second that I spent watching this garbage back. The story is boring, the acting is bad, except from Yuuta Mochizuki and the Bandora actress. The effects are worse than the first Godzilla movie, and the action is as bad as a B action movie. In fact, this is a B tv show. I can see why it's not popular in Japan.
As we all know, Power Rangers was created from a Japanese TV show entitled Zyuuranger (Beastranger). Well, the majority. The plot has 5 ancient warriors from dinosaur tribes resurrected to do battle with a sorceress, Bandora, and her henchmen. Bandora hates dinosaurs because of personal reasons dealing with her past and origin of her evil. Anyways, the five warriors are equipped with powers that enable them to become a color coded force known as Zyuuranger. They combat Bandora's wicked Doramonsters with magical weaponry and machines. The series is my fave out of all the sentai I have seen. It's cheesy, but oh wah! Camp is fun. Heh. And let me say that Zyuuranger was very popular in Japan.

Every single name of the characters names were changed for the MMPP series.<br/><br/>Mostly takes place in Japan along with flashbacks of the Prehistoric Era while it was America in MMPP.<br/><br/>Barza was the name of the sage who sealed Bandora(Rita Repulsa) in her chamber on the planetoid, not Zordon.<br/><br/>Unlike Zordon, Barza isn&#39;t trap inside a glass tube, he has the will to walk on his own.<br/><br/>The main base for the rangers is in a secret basement chamber of a public building and not a structure out in the middle of no where.<br/><br/>Alpha doesn&#39;t exsist in Zyuranger.<br/><br/>The rangers are enternal warriors and have been rangers way before Bandora was released from her imprisonment. While they were normal humans in MMPP.<br/><br/>The rangers don&#39;t need to hide their identities as everyone in Japan knows they&#39;re eternal warriors. While in MMPP they had to keep their identies a secret.<br/><br/>The dinosaur mechas are refer to as gods, while this was obviously omitted from MMPR.<br/><br/>Bandora had a son before imprisonment on the planetoid. While Rita Repulsa didn&#39;t had a son until marrying Lord Zedd.<br/><br/>Dai Satan&#39;s name was changed to Loki in MMPP, while his role was shorten in MMPP.<br/><br/>Green Ranger &amp; Red Ranger are brothers while they&#39;re not related in MMPP.<br/><br/>Green Ranger dies and gives Red Ranger his armor and dagger while he lives on in MMPP.<br/><br/>This series had a conclusion while MMPP expanded it&#39;s length making this series shorter than MMPP.<br/><br/>MMPP has mechas and certain costumes from Dairanger &amp; Kakuranger, while Zyuranger&#39;s story has no connection with those two series. With the exception of the occations of seeing the Zyurangers teaming up with them in certain crossovers.<br/><br/>The extra Zyuranger action footage was shot soley for Americna use. This footage has been refered to as Zyu 2 footage.
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